You’ve Got a Friend in Julia Bogdanoff

Currently starring in BEAUTIFUL as Carole King, get to know Julia Bogdanoff (JB) in this interview with Weathervane Marketing Director Carrie Greenberg (CG)

Photos of Julia Bogdanoff over the years

CG: You first came to Weathervane as an intern in 2019. Fast forward 5 years and now you are starring as Carole King in BEAUTIFUL. Can you talk about this full-circle moment?

JB: It feels amazing to be back. As an intern, I hoped to have the opportunity to return as a professional company member. I was lucky to return last year for my second season, and I feel most grateful to be back for my third season as Carole King in BEAUTIFUL. This show, this icon, and her music all mean so much to me in my personal life, but getting to come back and make my debut as Carole King on a stage that means so much to me, alongside people who I consider close friends, makes it all the more special.

CG: You last appeared on the Weathervane stage as Christine in last year’s DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS. Since then, you’ve been performing in various productions of BEAUTIFUL across the country. What is it about this show that you find so special?

JB: Carole King and her music. I have been listening to Carole King for as long as I can remember, and she is genuinely my favorite artist because music is both timeless and perfect to listen to no matter how I am feeling at any given moment. Is it a sunny day and I’m driving with the windows down? Time to listen to Carole King. Am I feeling a little down and need either a pick me up or someone to communicate my emotions via song? Carole King is the answer. Her music transcends time. She and Gerry captured a universal human experience that is frequently difficult to put into words. Carole King is a role model of mine, and it’s my job to perform her music? Talk about a dream come true.

CG: Speaking of role models, Carole King is not only a trailblazer for female artists, but also Jewish female artists. As a Jewish woman, how does portraying someone so legendary feel?

JB: I’ve never actually portrayed a Jewish character on stage, and it is the greatest honor to step into the shoes of someone who is a trailblazer for women, specifically Jewish women. It is not talked about in the show at all, really, but connecting to Carole based on religion and culture helps me feel an even deeper connection to the character since I was raised with the same religious and cultural background. 

CG: What is it that you love about Carole? How do you relate?

JB: I really just love everything about Carole King. She is inspiring to young artists, showing that with perseverance, hard work, and, of course, the combination of a talent and a little luck, you really can achieve your dreams. I relate to Carole in many ways, but by far and away the number one reason is that she is rooted in kindness. My life’s mantra has always been “Be Kind” (I even have it tattooed on me, lol!)

CG: What is your favorite Carole King song? Why?
JB: It varies daily, but I usually return to “It’s Too Late.” Between the iconic piano arrangement and Toni Stone’s lyrics, the power of that song is embedded in every note and word. It is also my favorite song to play and sing.  
Now my favorite song to perform in this show is “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?”. The way the song grows from paired down chords during her discovery of Gerry’s lyrics to the completed song being pitched to Donny to a fully orchestrated version by The Shirelles gives us a sense of the full writing process. This also feels like one of the first “iconic Carole King song” moments in the show, and you can feel that energy radiating from the audience when in performance. By the way, she was only eighteen when she wrote it! 
CG: Tell us about your favorite moment in Beautiful: The Carole King Musical.

JB: There are so many moments that are my favorite, but I think the most special one is this: after having lived Carole’s young adult experience for two and a half hours (and the ups and downs that go with it), the moment when she is announced at Carnegie Hall before “Beautiful” is extremely impactful. I feel the weight of her experiences condensed into such a short amount of time, all coming together for this very moment. 

CG: Since your first season with the Weathervane you’ve performed at top regional houses and cruise ships. What is it about the Weathervane that keeps you coming back to the North Country?

JB: I keep returning to the Weathervane because it is truly a family here. Many people here this summer have watched me grow up, both in life and as an artist. I am so grateful that this theater took a chance on me as a 19-year-old intern and that they’ve continued to support me over the past five years.

CG: What do you hope audiences experience coming to see BEAUTIFUL?

JB: I hope the audiences are surprised by some of the songs that Carole King, Gerry Goffin, Cynthia Weil, and Barry Mann wrote for other artists that we don’t necessarily know they’ve written. I also hope that they are taken on a musical journey. At the end of the day, this show is about music and how it has influenced the lives of every single character involved in the show. Of course, we learn a lot about the story of Carole King’s emergence into the music industry and her personal life, but more importantly, I hope that the audiences can feel the same evolution of music from the late 50s to the early 70s that we feel on stage. 



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